Hot Buttered Elvis

So what is Hot Buttered Elvis?  Three musicians and three words: fast, fun, furious!    


**update** October 2018 was the rebirth of the original "Dinner & a Monkey"-era lineup of original members Scott Barber, Rob San Pietro, and Paul Gonzalez, with bassist Mark Davis (formerly of the Meatmen)  

Hot Buttered Elvis is fronted by Washington Area Music Assoc (WAMA) “Wammie” award winning vocalist/guitarist Scott Barber and features distinguished national performers drummer Rob San Pietro (formerly of The Meatmen) and bass player Shawn Sharifi.

Hot Buttered Elvis has been kicking buttocks and taking names for over a decade with their hard rock shenanigans, winning over crowds with their tight musicianship, one-of-a-kind stage show, and notoriously over-the-top antics. How many bands are willing to sport costumes and wigs only to open for themselves as one of a variety of “alter ego” bands?  How many bands go that extra mile with a stage show featuring sirens, strobe lights, fog machines, television sets...even a towering Wheel-of-Fortune-style wheel encouraging audience members to interact? Hot Buttered Elvis does it, and they do it on a nightly basis, winning fans worldwide by creating a truly, one-of-a-kind event. 

In short: when these guys get together, expect the unexpected!

But Hot Buttered Elvis is more than just window dressing. Hot Buttered Elvis are all top-notch, touring veterans of the music scene who take their craft seriously. Whether it’s creating fun versions of popular cover songs (as heard nationally on NBC-TV) or writing/performing selections from their own original music catalog (as heard on "The Howard Stern Show”), Hot Buttered Elvis have the chops and versatility to deliver the goods musically AND visually, no matter the venue or occasion.  

So next time you’re looking for something fresh and fun on the live music scene, give Hot Buttered Elvis a try.  You won’t be disappointed.