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"...They warmed up the room perfectly and set the stage for what was to come……Hot Buttered Elvis. Yes, you read that correctly. When listening to a band with such a colorful name, it’s best not to have any idea of what you’re about to hear. Liken it to Alice in Wonderland falling through the rabbit hole. When she hit bottom, she discovered things labeled “eat me” and “drink me,” not knowing what would happen when she did. Fast forward to the tea party and let’s just say The Beatles have been hired as entertainment. They begin playing their classic hit, “Come Together,” and suddenly Metallica shows up and crashes the scene. Not wanting to cede their gig, the two bands engage in a psychedelic musical tug of war. Sharing the stage, you now have an understanding of the music of Hot Buttered Elvis. Open your mind and enjoy the ride! The probability of this band sounding like anyone else is zero. They are an entertaining experience that must be seen to be appreciated."

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Now this is a band that's get your feet going. With your classic punk rock set up, drums, bass, guitar and vocals you get surprised with the range of sound that these guys spew out. I would call them a cross between a Primus infused grunge band and a metal band that went mainstream. They're up beat , funny and have a flair for the dramatic. The bass has a driving punk rhythm but crosses the metal field quite nicely with helping the drums drive the point home. Bluesy guitar and hot vocals will make you love there sound. Extremely tight originals and unsyncopated rythyms is right in with there crazy style.

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Reality Entertainment releases "Neon Knights - A Tribute to Black Sabbath"

Name:      Neon Knights -  A Tribute to Black Sabbath
Genre:     Metal/Rock

Black Sabbath remains the most pivotal and iconic band of all time in Hard Rock and Metal. Neon Knights, a tribute to Sabbath features select versions from artists from around the world paying homage to the great Metal Gods.

Warrior   - Neon Nights
Freakhouse - Symptom of the Universe
Deadbolt Zen -  SuperNaut
Tracy G  - Killing Yourself to Live
Hot Buttered Elvis  - War Pigs
Reverend - Hand of Doom
Jet Set Satellite - Children of the Grave
Joe Merrick - Into the Void
So Much to Fear - Paranoid
Alex Skolnick - War Pigs (Jazz)

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Yes, you read that right. Hot...Buttered....Elvis. It's a band. A pretty rockin' heavy metal sort of band...the band did a lot of covers but they did them in odd ways. For instance, did you know Candle in the Wind works just fine as a reggae tune? What's even more disturbing - John Jacob Engleheimer Schmidt makes a fine punk rock tune. The CD had more original songs on it but had a most odd death metal cover of Material Girl - sung by a man with none of the words changed. Just our cup of tea!

If you live in the DC area check them out at a local show: http://hotbutteredelvis.com/

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(In reference to the released cover of Come Together) Awesome and respectful. I loved how you (HBE) kept the 60's aura and even made it a bit more psychedelic. It's a tune that's been covered by many artists, but you made it sound like an HBE original. It has such a hard metal groove, heavy, yet still relaxed. It was awesome and respectful to the original. As a drummer myself, I really dug the solid groove and the fills were very interesting and complementary. I can tell you guys worked had on this and anyone could tell that you three have been jammin' together for years.

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(In reference to CD "Dinner and a Monkey") Fun band. I like this CD because it hits hard with all the right stuff with today's alternative rock without following the leader if you know what I mean. Original tracks, F*ck You, Sleeping with the Enemy, Drowning Me, and My Mistake all rock in all the right places, Calling All Freaks is a call to arms anthem, and WalMart is classic silly with speed. The three covers all have their original style. It rocks, it's fun and is rough around the edges in all the right places. In short the band knows when to be Hot & Nasty to Dark to Silly. Sorta like the title Dinner and a Monkey. Looking forward to Dessert!...Enjoy them all!


(In reference to CD "Dinner and a Monkey") Have seen their live show countless times (it's great!) and CD does not disappoint. Originals are all strong. Also included are a few cover songs which they remake with their own flavor. Love the band's sense of humor and refusal to take themselves too seriously. Favorite tracks would be #4 Calling All Freaks and #2 F*ck You. Both are straight up radio friendly rockers without sounding schmaltzy. Entire album is strong (rare these days, esp for rock oriented bands). If I had a criticism, it would be that several of the tracks are too short (a couple only 30 sec onds long!) but in a way that is a part of HBE's charm. If you like hard alt rock with a taste of Spinal Tap buy this CD!!!

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(In reference to CD "Dinner and a Monkey") Best $10 I ever spent! Locked and loaded, these guys let 'er rip from the word go. The "Goodbye Norma Jean" cover was great, and the "Tainted Love" cover was wicked!!! These guys rock. Period. :D

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Dinner and a Monkey is a fresh blend of metal and pop-punk. I would describe them as a heavy Blink 182. Their originals are diverse and well crafted and their covers are off the hizzle. They are a great live band too!!!

Dewey Beach Music Conference

Showcases at the Dewey Beach Music Conference: 

2002 @ The Bottle & Cork

2006 @ The Starboard

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One look at Hot Buttered Elvis' play list, and it's clear the band plays by its own rules....playing Friday, April 17, and Saturday, April 18, at Kelly's Outer Banks Restaurant and Tavern in Nags Head, reworks material by artists ranging from Tom Jones to Pink Floyd to Black Eyed Peas.

Though the group's name has nothing to do with the King (that would be Elvis Presley), a ramped-up "Can't Help Falling in Love" is a staple of live performances.

On tunes such as "Billie Jean" and "It's Not Unusual," it sounds like the Red Hot Chili Peppers filtered through Nirvana, with hints of Stevie Wonder, Led Zeppelin and U2.

Elvis also cranks up the guitars, drives the bass and pounds the drums on offbeat covers of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" and "The Devil Went Down to Georgia."

On the latter, the boys change the locale to Dumfries (a small town in Northern Virginia) and replace the fiddle with a blazing guitar solo.

The group is led by frenetic frontman Scott Barber, who's the lead singer and guitarist.

He's more like the ringleader of a circus, which is a fairly accurate description of an Elvis performance.

Rob San Pietro (drums) and Shawn Sharifi (bass) are the others - together they dance, banter with the audience and improvise comedy bits.

No two shows are alike. Barber spins an onstage "Wheel of Fate," which determines what songs will be played before Elvis leaves the building.